Time With No Boundaries

The photography is humble, modest: it captures a moment, protects it, some would say preserves it for eternity.

But the photography is also the epitome of audacity: it launches an assault on our preconceptions. It makes us realize that our beliefs about ourselves, about the way time passes and surpasses, are ultimately without foundation.

This interpretation of time, this reflection in images, is the very essence of Gundula Friese’s work. In her series Generations she shows there is nothing linear about time, that even in the precise instant the photograph is taken you can see in the faces of the grandmother and child what has been and what will be.

Gundula’s photography isn’t feminist but it is radical because it distils beauty from what we fear most: the passage of time

Gundula Friese is an artist-in-residence during this year’s festival at the Schloss Werdenberg festival in Switzerland. The festival runs from June 6 to June 15 and the vernissage will be held June 6. More information here (in German).

Media coverage of Gundula Friese’s appearance at the festival can be read in German *here*, *here*, and *here*.

Purchase information  ‘Janaki *1935, Deepa *1969, Aishwarya *1993’ by Gundula Friese. This image from the Generation series is available for purchase exclusively through the CLAIR Gallery (St.Paul de Vence, France). Inquiries: anna@clair.me