In a world awash with ephemeral digital images, the gravitas of vintage prints becomes all the more remarkable. A sense of time emanates from the paper while the power of the image entwines with the history of the object to create a truly profound artistic experience.

By bringing together a collection of vintage prints from the finest photographers of the 20th century, the Treasures of Vintage Photography collection is able to accentuate how these timeless images are very much rooted in their own time.

“What is fascinating about vintage photographs is that they are both relics of a different age and a testament to the artist’s enduring ability to captivate,” says Anna-Patricia Kahn, the director of the CLAIR Gallery. “There are so few authentic vintage prints from that era remaining, I feel very privileged to be able to work with these precious objects.”

The CLAIR Gallery has a leading collection of vintage prints and has organised exhibitions of these rare photographs on three continents.

Purchase Information: The featured image is Laser Light by Erich Hartmann, © Erich Hartmann/Magnum Photos. Purchase inquires for any of the vintage photographs seen in this collection are welcome via email at