I (we) have a wish

Amid the distancing and gloom of the pandemic, the CLAIRbyKahn gallery is launching a new project that celebrates hope and vivid human connections. For the I (We) Have a Wish series, some of Europe’s most intriguing photographers were asked to search their oeuvres for delicate moments that capture their sensation of imagining a better future. This whimsical yet vital project was developed and produced within the framework of a newly formed alliance between the CLAIRbyKahn gallery and the Agentur Focus cooperative photography agency.
“This year, more than in any previous year, I feel it is essential for people to see and therefore to understand that there is still a place for wishes,” says Anna-Patricia Kahn, the director of the CLAIRbyKahn gallery. “Photography must embrace the responsibility of sharing this understanding because, even more than the rest of the arts and humanities, it is turned towards others, towards the outside world.”
Since the beginning of the health crisis, photographers have been more or less reduced to a visual silence. The I (We) Have a Wish project is a chance for photographers to examine images from their past to evoke and express some notion of their wishes for the future. The project features compelling images from photographers, including Armin Smailovic, Heike Ollertz, Evgeny Makarov, and Fabian Fiechter. By removing these photographs from their traditional contexts and presenting them in this series, they become mirrors of our desires and wishes.
“More than ever, photography and photographers must create social and cultural links,” says Anna-Patricia Kahn. “And we all must remember that photography is an important cultural investment and that images can connect people and help them see beyond the temporary despair of ordeals such as the one we are now experiencing.” To safeguard the legacy of these artists, CLAIRbyKahn and Agentur Focus are making the fine art prints available in a limited edition of signed and numbered photographs.
Based in Hamburg, the Agentur Focus has emerged as one of Europe’s leading photography agencies. Along with representing some of the top and emerging contemporary photographers, Agentur Focus also acts as the German representative for other global agencies such as Magnum Photos.
The CLAIRbyKahn gallery is devoted to the art of photography as a profoundly human medium for interpreting and understanding the world. The gallery fosters close bonds between archives, estates, collectors, and photographers. It represents some of history’s most influential photographers, including Philippe Halsman, Lee Miller, Jacques Henri Lartigue, and Inge Morath, along with a carefully curated selection of the best contemporary photographers such as Chien-Chi Chang, Vera Mercer, and Thomas Dworzak. Inquiries regarding the I (We) Have a Wish series or any of the photographs represented by CLAIRbyKahn are welcome via email at anna@clair.me.

Music: Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla

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