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Signora Rosina, 2000 © Andreas Reeg


A Photography Series in Collaboration with Agentur Focus, and  THE AMAL PIANO DUO

All religions and all great civilizations embrace some version of the commandment “Honour thy father and thy mother” and, whether they are respected or not, there are always underlying moral and civic agreements that elders and the elderly are an integral and integrated part of families and communities.
Yet globalization and socio-economic transformations unleashed changes that have often resulted in our elders being pushed to the margins, as if they no longer had a role to play and were best forgotten. The pandemic has exacerbated this trend and further complicated the feelings that each of us may have towards our parents and grandparents, and to the rest of older people who are part of our lives and whom we care for (or not).
One of the social consequences of the health crisis is that we will be individually and collectively compelled to redefine our understanding of old age. For this series, which is the third collaboration with Agentur Focus, the agency’s 25 photographers have delved into their archives and drawn upon their daily work of deciphering our worlds to select highly personal images that explore their relationship with age and their visual and emotional understanding of the elderly.
As part of a shared commitment to ensuring culture enjoys its rightful place, we have asked the two pianists from the Amal Piano Duo, Yaron Kohlberg and Bishara Haroni, offer us their interpretation of Franz Schubert’s Fantasia in F Minor, D.940 (recorded at theSteinway Piano Gallery Cleveland, Ohio, USA at on 19 April 2021, sound recording by Mark Dumm).

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