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The light is too bright, 2020, Otterstadt, Germany © Anne Ackermann

A single word has acquired a prominent place in our daily lives: Immunity. Its primary definition – an organism’s ability to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells – has become the focus of our concerns, our fears, and our hopes. This word has become such a significant part of our individual consciousness and our collective ethos that its other definitions are relegated to the background and we overlook its semantic complexity. These secondary definitions, of course, refer to the law and evoke the protection or exemption from something, specifically an obligation, penalty, or legal proceedings.
We decided to coopt, or rather, to illuminate this concept differently by splitting it into two. Here the word pauses for breath and becomes Imm-Unity. And since photography is a means of accessing the world and allowing us to see other people, places, and things in a new light, this second collection of images created with the Agentur Focus agency asks photographers to reveal what Imm-Unity means to them. By providing us with their unique visions and interpretations of this notion, we are able to finally embark upon a journey with them again.
These photographers have entered a dialogue with their work, perused their archives, or gone in search of images that describe their thoughts and emotions in this new reality of ours. By deciphering the world through photography, we open the spaces that seem utterly restricted and we aspire to be ready to both embrace the protections and better appreciate the exemptions that will be offered by the immense privilege that is immunity.To safeguard the legacy of these artists, CLAIRbyKahn and Agentur Focus are making the fine art prints available in a limited edition of signed and numbered photographs.Based in Hamburg, the Agentur Focus is a new photography agency with a long history. Along with representing some of the best and emerging contemporary photographers, Agentur Focus also acts as the German representative for other global agencies such as Magnum Photos.The CLAIRbyKahn gallery is devoted to the art of photography as a profoundly human medium for interpreting and understanding the world. The gallery fosters close bonds between archives, estates, collectors, and photographers. It represents some of history’s most influential photographers, including Philippe Halsman, Lee Miller, Jacques Henri Lartigue, and Inge Morath, along with a carefully curated selection of the best contemporary photographers such as Chien-Chi Chang, Eikoh Hosoe, Sean Hillen and Thomas Dworzak.

Inquiries regarding the Imm-Unity series or any of the photographs represented by CLAIRbyKahn are welcome via email at anna@clair.me.

Music: Franz Schubert, Piano Trio Nr. 2, Op. 100, Andante con Moto
Performers: Ambroise Aubrun, Maëlle Vilbert, Julien Hanck

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