Guy Le Querrec

FRANCE, Brittany region, Cotes-d'Armor department, 1975 © Guy Le Querrec / Magnum Photos



Breton Guy Le Querrec, born on May 12th 1941 in Paris, began to take photographs at the age of 14. He bought his first Leica IIIG from the salary he had earned working at an insurance company. At the age of 26, he took his first step to become a professional photographer being employed at Paris-based advertising agency “Atelier 3”. From 1969, he travelled the francophone sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghrib for the “Jeune Afrique” periodical on a regular basis.
1971 saw Le Querrec join “Vu” agency, who founded “Viva” agency in the following year – he quitted “Viva” in 1975, however. At that time, he produced series like “Families in France” (1973), Portugal and the Carnation Revolution” (1974-75) and “The French on holidays” (1976).
Le Querrec joined “Magnum” in 1976 and was elected full member in 1977. His contributions then encompassed Parisian “Concert Mayol” (1979) and the “Big Foot Memorial Ride” in South Dakota (1990) as well as long-term engagements in China (1984-1989) and many African countries (1984-1998).
Multiple visits at the Elysée Palace between 1977 and 1985, which took place in cooperation with sculptor Daniel Druet, resulted in late former French president Mitterand being portrayed by Le Querrec. One shot originating from this portrait sittings eventually found its way into the 1999 selection “The 100 most important photos of the century” and Le Querrec was awarded the “Grand Prix de la ville de Paris”.

One of the artist’s main sources of inspiration not only to his life, but also of his artistic work is music, and Jazz in particular. This passion led him to the creation of two performances at “Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles”, one being “De l’eau dans le jazz”, the other “Jazz comme une image”. The second show was designed by the artist as a slideshow of his photos, projected on a giant screen to act as a score for ad-lib music sessions. Subsequently, “Jazz comme une image” was exhibited in several Metro stations in Paris during five-week “Banlieues Bleues” festival.
Raymond Depardon, art director of “Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles” 2006, selected Le Querrec as one of his “fellow travelers”. Le Querrec’s “L’œil de l’éléphant“ and “Root africaine“ have been touring through many European countries.
Apart from his profession as a photographer, Le Querrec has been holding lectures at educational institutions in France and abroad (e.g. Switzerland, Senegal, Mongolia, England and Canada).

AWARDS | Recognitions

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