Shigeichi NAGANO



1925 Born in Oita, died 2019
1947 Hired by Yonosuke Natori as an editor for the newly-launched magazine Shukan Sun News.
Observed top photographers including Ihee Kimura, Shihachi Fujimoto and Inamura
Takamasa on location.
1949 Became a photographer for the Iwanami Shashin Bunko series alongside Shomei Tomatsu.
Travelled across Japan to take documentary images for over 60 volumes.
1954 Goes freelance and begins to establish his reputation as a documentary photographer.
1964 Involved in the filming of the Tokyo Olympics for Ichikawa Kon’s documentary film, Tokyo
1985 Returns to still photography and to his favourite subject, the city of Tokyo.
1986 Receives the Ina Nobuo Award for A Strange Perspective in Tokyo.
1993 Awarded the Medal with the Purple Ribbon by the Japanese Government.
1995 Receives the Annual Award of the Photographic Society of Japan.
2006 Receives the Distinguished Contributions Award from the Photographic Society of Japan.

AWARDS | Recognitions

Solo Shows (a selection)
1962 Tokyo Essay, Fuji Photo Salon, Tokyo.
1996 A Strange Perspective in Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo.
2000 A Chronicle of Japan: Nagano Shigeichi, a Life in Photography, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of
Photography, Tokyo.
2003 The history of Japanese photography, Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
2005 Hysteric Fourteen, Place M Photo gallery, Tokyo.
2006 Berlin-Tokyo/Tokyo-Berlin, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo and Neue National Galerie, Berlin.
2007 Eyes of an Island, Michael Hoppen Gallery, London.
2009 Japan: a self-portrait, 1945-1964, Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo.

Collections (a selection)
The J. Paul Getty Museum.
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas.
Santa Barbara Art Museum, Santa Barbara, California.
George Eastman House, Rochester, New York.
Fisher Fine Arts Library, Philadelphia.
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo. Japan.


(a selection)
1978 Japan’s Dream Age. Tokyo: Asahi Sonorama.
1989 Toi Shisen (A Strange Perspective in Tokyo). Tokyo: I.P.C.
1990 1960. Tokyo: Heibonsha.
1991 Nihon shashin no tankan: 1960 nendai no hyogen (Innovation in Japanese photography in the 1960s). Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
1995 Jidai no kioku: 1945-1995 (Memories of an era: 1945-1995). Tokyo: Asahi Shimbunsha.
2000 Kono kuni no kioku: Nagano Shigeichi, shashin no shigoto. (A chronicle of Japan: Nagano
Shigeichi, A life in photography). Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
2001 Distant Gaze. Tokyo: Wides Shuppan.
2003 Japon 1945 – 1975. Un renouveau photographic. Paris: Marval.
2004 Japan: A Self-Portrait: Photographs 1945-1964. Paris: Flammarion.
2005 Hysteric Fourteen. Tokyo: Hysteric Glamour.
2009 Hong Kong Reminscence 1958. Tokyo: Sokyusha.