Artful Decadence

Renée by Jacques Henri Lartigue, Paris, 1931 © Ministère de la Culture - France / AAJHL | Courtesy of °CLAIR Gallery

Artful Decadence

It was 120 years ago this October that the Moulin Rouge opened in the north of Paris. The cabaret became wonderfully notorious for its risqué dance performances, its avant-garde décor, and its debauched glamour, all of which came to symbolize the Belle Époque in the City of Light. However, the Moulin Rouge also represented something more profound, something more ethereal: the magic ability of Paris and its artists to transform even the banal and the base into artistic paradigms. To this day, the city’s stunning sense of artful decadence elevates everything that it embraces.

To mark the 120thanniversary of the Moulin Rouge, the °CLAIR Gallery presents Artful Decadence, a selection of photographs of Paris that are emblematic of the city’s ability to make the most mundane situation transcendent or to render the most hackneyed event majestic. The collection includes iconic images by Erich Harmann, Edouard Boubat, Lee Miller, Jacques Henri Lartigue, and a selection of other photographers.

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°CLAIR presents Artful Decadence