online exhibition

Masks forever

Hong Kong. September 28, 2019. Protesters confront the riot police © Chien-Chi Chang/Magnum Photos

Masks Forever

At this grim and uncertain moment, CLAIRbyKahn is committed to continuing its activities online as it is more important than ever to provide a space for artists to express their voices and for people to find cultural nourishment.
“We must endure the current crisis and prepare for the difficulties that will follow,” says gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn. “CLAIRbyKahn stands in solidarity with the photographers and estates it represents. We must not stop embracing art because if we do, there will be no artists left for us when this pandemic finally ends.”
To this end, CLAIRbyKahn is proud to present the online exhibition Masks Forever. This collection of work by the photographers Chien-Chi Chang, Inge Morath, and Petr Lovigin explores the dread, the fragility, and the notions of identity that have pushed people towards wearing masks in our modern era.
Stay home and healthy.

Inquiries regarding any of the photographs from the exhibition are welcome via email at

Chien-Chi Chang, * Taiwan, 1961, based in Austria


Inge Morath, * Graz, Austria, 1924 – 2002, NYC, USA


Petr Lovigin, * 1981, Yaroslavl, Russia, based in Moscow