Coco in Hendaye, 1934 | Photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue | © Ministère de la Culture - France / AAJHL| Courtesy of °CLAIR Gallery

SUMMER Gallery

°CLAIR Embraces Summer

Summer holds a deep nostalgic appeal for photographers. As children, it is often during the idle days at the seaside or on vacations abroad that cameras emerge to record moments of family togetherness or to snap photos of exotic landscapes. Memories of these early photographic rites linger, and in the years to come they tend to bubble to the surface as soon as the warm days of July arrive. No matter the era, photographers have been compelled to take out their cameras to try and capture the essence of summer, whether it be filtered through the halcyon gauze of the past or rooted firmly in the more nuanced realities of the present.

This collection of summer photography places the work of the greatest photographers of the 20th century alongside some of the brightest stars of contemporary photography. Among the featured photographers are Jacques Henri Lartigue, Inge Morath, Philippe Halsman, Erich Lessing, Thomas Dworzak, and Oded Balilty.

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