Frank Horvat

Gallery BIoGRAPHY Frank Horvat (28 April 1928 – 21 October 2020) was an Italian photographer who lived and worked in France. He is best known for his fashion photography, published between the mid 1950s and the late 1980s. Horvat’s photographic opus includes photojournalism, portraiture, landscape, nature, and sculpture. He was the recipient of the Fondazione..

Erich Hartmann on Magnumflow

When I first met Erich Hartmann in 1992, I was impressed by his enormous strength, interest for others and integrity. He used to explain that being humble is important to see and therefore being able to show to others (Anna-Patricia Kahn).

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

The Last Savings by Mohammad Rakibul Hasan “The Last Savings” is the existing reality of 7 million slum dwellers in Bangladesh. Every image from this series is portraying severe hunger, deprivation and uncertainty of coming days. This work presented the most vulnerable families with their almost empty food storage and their inaudible cry for support..

Masks forever

Masks Forever At this grim and uncertain moment, CLAIRbyKahn is committed to continuing its activities online as it is more important than ever to provide a space for artists to express their voices and for people to find cultural nourishment. “We must endure the current crisis and prepare for the difficulties that will follow,” says..

Cristiano Tassinari

Gallery BIoGRAPHY 2006  Bachelor, Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy 1999  Degree, State Institute of Art, Forlì, Italy exhibitions Solo 2019  Mother’s Bliss, Ncontemporary, Milan, Italy 2018  1800 kcal, SOEHT 7 Former Women’s Prison, Berlin, Germany 2016  55M2 It’s our home!, MAR, Ravenna Art Museum, Ravenna, Italy 2016  Vor Meiner Haut Beginnt Das Fremde, Werkstatt..

Gilles Peress

Gallery BIoGRAPHY Gilles Peress was born December 29, 1946 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France and grew up in Paris with his mother, an orthodox Christian from the Middle East, and his father, who was of Jewish and Georgian descent. Peress studied at the Institute d’Etudes Politiques in Paris from 1966 to 1968 and then at the University..

Newsha Tavakolian

Gallery BIoGRAPHY Newsha Tavakolian began working as a photographer for the Iranian press at the age of 16, covering wars in Iraq and a range of social issues in her native Iran. Over the years, her focus shifted away from journalistic photography to photography as art. Through her lens, Tavakolian explores social experiences in her..

ISREALITIES – Seven Photographic Journeys

About the exhibition Ever since 1897, when the journalist and activist Theodor Herzl declared, “At Basel, I founded the Jewish State”, the social, territorial, and cultural transformation in Israel has fascinated the world. As a result, the region’s soaring ambitions and extreme conflicts have been under a quasi-permanent media spotlight; yet intimate perspectives rarely emerge..