ISREALITIES – Seven Photographic Journeys

About the exhibition Ever since 1897, when the journalist and activist Theodor Herzl declared, “At Basel, I founded the Jewish State”, the social, territorial, and cultural transformation in Israel has fascinated the world. As a result, the region’s soaring ambitions and extreme conflicts have been under a quasi-permanent media spotlight; yet intimate perspectives rarely emerge..

Micha Bar-Am

Gallery BIOGRAPHY Born in Berlin, Germany in 1930, Bar-Am arrived with his family in Israel (then Palestine) in 1936. Active in the pre-state underground he worked at Haifa Port and was drafted in 1948 when the Jewish-Arab Conflict turned into an all-out war. In 1949 – co-founder of Kibbutz Malkiya in the Galilee and later member..

Alvin Langdon Coburn

Gallery BIoGRAPHY/Regognitions At the turn of the twentieth century, few figures cast as large a shadow across the landscape of photography as Alvin Landon Coburn (1882 – 1966). In a career that spanned six decades – he began photographing at eight years of age – he was one of a handful of leading pictorialists who..

Chien-Chi Chang

Gallery   BIoGRAPHY In his work, Chien-Chi Chang makes manifest the abstract concepts of alienation and connection. “The Chain,” a collection of portraits made in a mental asylum in Taiwan, caused a sensation when it was shown at La Biennale di Venezia (2001) and the Bienal de Sao Paolo (2002). The shocking, nearly life-sized photographs..

Marcos Zimmermann

Gallery BIoGRAPHY Marcos Zimmermann was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1950. He studied cinematography at the Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía in Buenos Aires and started his professional career as still photographer for feature films. For several years he lived in Rome, where he worked as a freelance photographer, his work being exhibited in various..

Patrick Zachmann

Gallery BIoGRAPHY born 1955 in France , lives in Paris. A freelance photographer since 1976 and member of Magnum Photos since 1990, Patrick Zachmann has dedicated himself to long-term reportages that bring to light the complex identities and cultures of social groups and communities in various countries. His 1982 work on the Naples police and..

Rudi Weissenstein

Gallery BIoGRAPHY Shimon Rudolph Weissenstein was born in 1910 in the city of Iglau in Czechoslovakia. From 1928 to 1931, he studied at the Kunsthochschule in Vienna, where he expanded his knowledge in the fields of graphic design and printing, chemistry, photography, retouching, optics and archive management. In January 1936 he immigrated to Palestine. Shortly..

Klavdij Sluban

Gallery BIoGRAPHY Winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography 2009, of the Leica Prize (2004) and of the Niépce Prize, main French prize in photography, (2000), Klavdij Sluban is a French photographer of Slovenian origin born in Paris on 3.3.63. He develops a rigorous and coherent body of work, never inspired by immediate and..

David “CHIM” Seymour

Gallery BIoGRAPHY David Seymour was born 1911 in Warsaw, Poland as David Syzmin. He studied graphic arts in Leipzig, and turned to photography in 1933 while continuing his studies at the Sorbonne in Paris. He later adopted the working name “CHIM” based on the pronunciation of his birth name. Seymour covered many important political events..

Boris Savelev

Gallery BIoGRAPHY Boris Savelev is one of the most important and well-known photographers working in Russia today. He first came to the attention of the art-world in the west with the publication of Secret City by Thames and Hudson in 1981. This established Boris Savelevs´s reputation as one of the most serious artists of a..