Inge Morath Truck Project

CLAIR Gallery celebrates The Inge Morath Truck Project and the fabulous photographers involved in this artistic odyssey.

Inge Morath (1923 – 2002) is one of the most acclaimed photographers of the 20th century and was called ‘the high priestess of photograpy’ by the director John Huston. The Inge Morath Truck Project revisits one of Morath’s most significant artistic ventures. As a member of the Magnum Photos agency, she travelled the length of the Danube both before and after the fall of the Soviet Union and captured stunning images of life along the river. The Truck Project brings together nine young women photographers who will retrace Morath’s steps by  traveling through 10 countries along the Danube in a truck that has been transformed into a mobile gallery. Discover the project *here* or watch the official project video *here*.

The Inge Morath estate is represented by the CLAIR Gallery. Learn more about Morath and see the prints held by CLAIR *here*. For purchase information, contact gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn at