Tomasz Lazar at Fashion Week

As part of a series of photo essays for New York Magazine, Tomasz Lazar has created stunning images from both London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week.

The complete essay from Milan Fashion Week can be seen here. The London Fashion Week photo essay can be seen here, but the CLAIR Gallery must warn you that it may induce a sudden desire to purchase green shoes.

The New York Magazine piece follows a special dossier earlier this year on CNN that featured Lazar’s portraits of Serbians who had been displaced as children. This photo essay can be seen here.

Tomasz Lazar was born in 1985 in Szczecin, Poland. He is one of the world’s most acclaimed young photographers and among the many prizes he has won are the World Press Photo of the Year, the Sony World Photography Award, and the International Photography Award. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Newswek International, Sunday Times Magazine, and The New Yorker.

Purchase Information: The featured image is from Tomasz Lazar’s Fashion Week series. Purchase inquiries are welcome via email to CLAIR Gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn: