CLAIR Gallery Welcomes Édouard Boubat


CLAIR Gallery is pleased to announce its partnership with the estate of legendary French photographer Édouard Boubat.

Boubat (1923-1999) was one of the great humanist photographers of the 20th century and he captured such iconic images as Lella (seen above) and Rémi écoutant la mer. For decades, he travelled the world shooting photo reportages and his work evoked such beauty and hope that the French poet Jacques Prévert famously asserted that in a troubled world, Boubat was a ‘peace correspondent’.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to ensure the brilliance of this photographer is recognized for generations to come,” says CLAIR Gallery director Anna-Patricia Kahn. “In an age where so much photography is discarded and forgotten, Édouard Boubat’s images are of such profound human importance that they are certain to remain eternal.”

Édouard Boubat was born in Paris in 1923. He was deeply marked by the two years he spent in a forced labor camp in Germany during World War II and this immersion in despair inspired his professional quest to reveal the poetic and uplifting facets of the human condition. His inclusion in the Museum of Modern Art’s seminal Family of Man exhibition in 1955, which was curated by Edward Steichen and ended up touring 37 countries, cemented Boubat’s international reputation. His work is the subject of more than 30 books while his photography has been exhibited at major museums and galleries around the world. In 1984, he received the esteemed Grand Prix National de la Photographie for his complete photographic oeuvre. Boubat died in Paris in 1999. His estate is managed by his son, Bernard Boubat.

Purchase Information: The featured image is France, 1948 © Édouard Boubat, Courtesy CLAIR. The silver gelatin print is signed by the photographer and has been certified by his estate. Copyright Édouard Boubat, courtesy the CLAIR Gallery. Purchase inquiries are welcome via email at