the worst and the best, Gilbert Hage

Keeping a vivid connection with our artists/photographers we post short chats as well as images, which describe the creative´s “mood of the moment” during standstill. Headline: “The Worst and The Best”.
We do believe that solidarity will help us to overcome this difficult time.

With “I hated You Already Because Of The Lies I Had Told You” (2011) by Gilbert Hage, the volume of the tongue comes out of the skin face becoming a plane and smooth wall surface whose texture reminds of the way great Flemish painters’ masterpieces depicted the skin texture. The artist title establishes a dialogue and triggers both viewers’ reflection and perception to eventually evoke here allegorically the situation of the powerlessness peoples protesting against dictatorship in the jasmine revolutions also known as the Arab spring. (Sophie Armache)

Listen to Gilbert Hage, a visual artist and professor for art and photography, based in Beirut.