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Trouble with The Glacier on Henry St., 1996 From Irelantis series 21 x 14 cm Facsimile limited edition of 5 + 1 artist proof 2016 Print 1 /5

Keeping a vivid connection with our artists/photographers we post short chats as well as images, which describe the creative´s “mood of the moment” during standstill. Headline: “The Worst and The Best”.
We do believe that solidarity will help us to overcome this difficult time.

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Listen to Sean Hillen, visual artist, collagist, Dublin, Ireland.


Some images by Sean Hillen


Listen to Imrana Kapetanovic, a photographer based in Sarajevo, B&H.

23.3.2020, Gilbert Hage
Listen to Gilbert Hage, a visual artist based in Lebanon .

27.3.2020, Lorenzo Maccotta
Listen to Lorenzo Maccotta, a photographer based in Rome.

21.3.2020, Maurice Weiss
Listen to Maurice Weiss, a photographer based in Berlin, after the goverment had decided to shut down the city of Berlin.

19.3.2020, Armin Smailovic
Follow Armin Smailovic, a photographer based in Munich and Sarajevo, on his unexpected short trip to Brasil. Probably the briefest assignment of his life: One day out of thirty planned.