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Self Portrait, New York studio, New York, USA, 1932 © Lee Miller Archives, England 2018. All rights reserved

Keeping a vivid connection with our artists/photographers we post short chats as well as images, which describe the creative´s “mood of the moment” during standstill. Headline: “The Worst and The Best”.
We do believe that solidarity will help us to overcome this difficult time.

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Follow Antony Penrose and Ami Bouhassane, son and granddaughter of Lee Miller/Roland Penrose and founders/operators of the Lee Miller Archives during their days of confinement in Sussex, UK.


Some images from the Lee Miller Estate



29.4.2020, Armin Smailovic
Follow Armin Smailovic, a photographer based in Munich and Sarajevo, in his Munich confinement.

22.4.2020, Orna and Micha Bar-Am
Listen to Orna and Micha Bar-Am, Tel Aviv, Israel

19.4.2020, Fabrice Langlade
Listen to Fabrice Langlade, artist, Provence, France.

17.4.2020, Patrick Zachmann
Listen to Patrick Zachmann, photographer with Magnum agency, Paris, France.

31.3.2020, Sean Hillen
Listen to Sean Hillen, a visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland.

30.3.2020, Imrana Kapetanovic
Listen to Imrana Kapetanovic, a photographer based in Sarajevo, B&H.

28.3.2020, Gilbert Hage
Listen to Gilbert Hage, a visual artist based in Lebanon .

27.3.2020, Lorenzo Maccotta
Listen to Lorenzo Maccotta, a photographer based in Rome.

21.3.2020, Maurice Weiss
Listen to Maurice Weiss, a photographer based in Berlin, after the goverment had decided to shut down the city of Berlin.

19.3.2020, Armin Smailovic
Follow Armin Smailovic, a photographer based in Munich and Sarajevo, on his unexpected short trip to Brasil. Probably the briefest assignment of his life: One day out of thirty planned.